Python Interview Questions and Answers

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Are you looking to crack your interview? Then these Python Interview Questions will help you to get success in your interview and achieve your dream career in Python.

Here we have presented the top Python interview questions and answers based on expertise levels from beginner to experienced level questions.

Python Interview Questions and Answers
Python Interview Questions and Answers

Python Interview Questions

Explain briefly about Python?

By using python you can build any type of applications with the support of libraries, tools. It supports objects, modules, Exception handling etc.

Mention any 5 main advantages of Python?

  • Easy to learn
  • Simple to use
  • Easy syntax
  • Need less maintenance
  • Open-source
  • It has a huge number of Libraries support
  • Code reuse
  • High Community support

What is an Interpreted language?

A language which executes the statements line by line is called interpreted Language. The below languages are the few examples for Interpreted language:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Rube
  • PHP
  • R

How is Memory managed in Python?

Python Memory Manager is responsible for handling Memory management and is in the form of Private Heap Space and is not accessible for the programmer. Unused memory is recycled by the inbuilt garbage collection.

Can you say the basic Key features of Python?

  • It is an Interpreted language and dynamically typed programming language.
  • Easy to write that saves a lot of time for programmers
  • It doesn’t have access specifiers

Is python scripting or programming language?

Python is basically considered one of the best general-purpose programming languages. But it is also capable of scripting too.

Explain briefly about Python Enhancement Proposal?

Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP 8) has a set of rules that defines how to format the coding to get maximum readability in python.

Explain about Pythonpath?

Pythonpath is an environmental variable and is used when we import any module. If we import any module then all the various directories are checked by the PythonPath for their presence.

Python Interview Questions and Answers
Python Interview Questions and Answers

can you say the difference between local and global variables?

Mainly two types of variables available in python. They are

  1. Local variables
  2. Global Variables

Local variables: The variables that are declared inside of any function are known as local variables. You cant access any local variable outside the function.

Global variables: The variables that are declared outside of any function are known as Global Variables. If you want to access any variable by any function in the program then you have to declare them as Global Variables.

What do you know about type conversion in Python?

Converting from int data type into another data type or converting from another type of data into another data type is called as type conversion.

For example, you can convert any data type into a float data type. But converting a float data type into int data type causes an error. If you want to convert from the float into int then we have to use functions int(). Then int() function will cut all the decimal values and create the remaining values as integers.


Float 5.48 can be converted to int as 5 by using the int() function.

Can you say whether Indentation is required in python or not?

Yes, required

Can you say the difference between array and lists?

Arrays and lists are used to store the values/elements. Arrays stores a single data type values and lists can store any type of data.

Python Interview Questions and Answers
Python Interview Questions and Answers


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