Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions

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Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answers
Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answers

With the advancement in salesforce, the demand for Salesforce Lightning developers and other Salesforce frameworks has huge in the present market.

Here we have prepared a 55 best Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions for you. By following these Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions you can crack your interview and achieve your dream goal.

Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answers

Can you define about Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning is the latest technology in the Salesforce platform that has a huge collection of advanced tools like advanced UI, Lightning Component framework, VB Tools (Visual Building) and Lightning design and Exchange and many more.

What type of tools available in Salesforce lightning? Can you mention some tools?

Some of the Lightning tools are Builders like App builder, process builder and schema builder, Lightning connect.

Can you mention some of the lightning Component bundles?

Here are some of the Lightning Component bundles:

  • Component
  • Controller
  • Helper
  • Style
  • Document
  • Design
  • Renderer

In which areas you can use Salesforce Lightning Components in your project?

We can use SLC components in App builders and community builders by simply using Drag and drop feature.

For creating stand-alone applications, if we need to override standard actions, Lightning pages with the help of Salesforce Lightning Web Components.

In how many ways can you build Lightning Components?

Yes, we can build lightning components. We can build LC in two ways.

  • By using Salesforce Lightning Web Component model
  • By using Aura Components model

These are the two ways that we can build LC through programming.

What different types of pages you can create and how do you create Lightning Record pages?

We can create Lightning record pages by using Salesforce Lightning App builder. The different types of pages like App, Home and Record Pages can be created.

What is meant by Attributes?

Attributes are nothing but Variables used for storing values which we use in the program.

Basic Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answers

How many different types of attributes that you can use to store different types of data?

Some of the attributes that I can use are:

  • String
  • Boolean
  • Datetime
  • Boolean
  • Array
  • List etc.

Can you define what is Salesforce Aura?

Salesforce Aura is an opensource framework used for designing User Interface components.

Can you list some of the events in Lightning Component?

There are three types of events in Lightning Component. They are

  • Application event
  • Component event
  • System Event

What are the advantages of Lightning Component?

  • Easy decoupling
  • Better performance
  • Cross-browser support

At what places does the Salesforce Lightning Components are displayed?

The places were SLC displayed are:

  • Community-based on template
  • Standalone lightning app
  • Salesforce1 app
  • Lightning experience
  • Visualforce pages

Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answers:

Do you know how can we subscribe for an event in Salesforce Lightning Component?

Yes, For any subscription we have to include tags in the Containment hierarchy in Salesforce Lightning Component.

What do you know about Salesforce Lightning data services?

SLDS can be used for caching purpose. Lightning Data service framework is used to make changes, adding or deleting records from the server-side without using any code.

Can we integrate Salesforce Lightning with other party frameworks?

Yes, Salesforce Lightning can be integrated with third-party frameworks like Angular.

Visualforce can be worked with Lightning yes or no?


What type of Framework is Salesforce Lightning?

Component-based framework.

Is Javascript is used by Salesforce Lightning?

Yes, Javascript is used for client-side scripting by Salesforce Lightning.

Can you mention how many numbers of components we can use in one Application?

We can use any number of components in a single application. There is no fixed value for using components in any application.

Do you know why we are using aura namespace in the programming?

Because the blocks which we are used for building an application are present in the aura: namespace. So, we are using it.

Can you build responsive applications by using Lightning Components?

Yes, we can build responsive applications i.e. web-based for desktops, mobile apps and also for tablet-based applications.

Uses of Component Event?

Child to parent communication is done in the Component event.

Can you mention some of the rules that are used when naming in the Lightning?

  • Should start with a letter
  • It should contain symbols like underscore( _ ) and alphanumerics (1,2,3, a,b). Other than these are not allowed to use.
  • Should not use any spaces in the name of the component.

The above-mentioned things have to be followed when naming a component.

What is the use of value providers?

Used for accessing the data in Salesforce Lightning.

What is Salesforce Lightning Inspector?

SLI is a google chrome extension used for debugging the Lightning applications.

If you have any doubts regarding Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answers please comment in comment section.

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