Workday Payroll Training

IT Examples is one of the best Workday Payroll Training providers. IT Examples provides Workday Payroll Training by certified Workday Payroll Trainers from scratch to advanced level with live Instructor LED training.

With Workday payroll Training you can learn how to handle complex requirements using workday calculation engine, can do processing criteria pay groups together for pay and runs together, can access all employees to mobile and payslips through online, can do audits before submitting any final reports, can do an integration with system to system for all your business needs.

Workday Payroll Training Curriculum

  • How to configure Tenant setup

  • Payroll processing framework setup What, Why and How

  • What are the run categories?

  • Payment election rules Definition and why?

  • About Pay groups

  • What is the Structure of Period Schedule?

  • What are earnings and deductions?

  • What is the information required for E&D (Earnings and Deductions)

  • About Bonus earnings

  • What are Paycom groups in Workday payroll?

  • What is the Criteria and Calculation details?

  • About compensation elements?

  • Introduction to Time earnings

  • What are the benefit plans?

  • What are costings and Limits?

  • Introduction to tax setup

  • How to setup Payroll taxes?

  • How to setup a company?

  • Local tax setup

  • State tax setup

  • Federal tax setup

  • About tax authority exception

  • Worker tax elections and how to setup

  • Overview¬†

  • Setup of Withholding orders

  • How to identify disposal income

  • Deduction recipient – What it is and How to create it

  • Recording the details

  • Support order – What it is and how to edit it and terminate it

  • Priority processing

  • View workers withholding orders

  • Overview

  • How to setup Payroll Accounting

  • How to run Payroll Account

  • How to do Accounting results review

  • Configuration of Banking and Settlements and prerequisites

  • Payment election rules

  • Payroll payslip configures and cheque printout layouts

  • About Bank accounts and routing rules

  • What is pre note runs?

  • What and how to do configure Settlement

  • How to configure Roles and Security groups and Overview

  • How to do pay component-based security

  • Overview

  • The business process of Payroll specifics

  • Overview

  • How to enter an Override

  • How to make a special entry

  • About Loan Configurations

  • About Repayments

  • How to run and complete a payroll process

  • The off-cycle manual payment process

  • Reversal process

  • Process of DPT approach

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